Fee Schedule:

* 10,000 inr or 200 usd for 30-45mt Quick Session.
(Shower Together and Session).

* 15,000 inr or 250 usd for 1hr Complete Session.
(Shower Together, Massage, Strip and Session).

* 20,000 inr or 300 usd for 2hrs Laid Back Session.
(Shower Together, Massage, Strip, Role Play and Session).

* 25,000 inr or 350 usd for 4hrs in room masseuse escort.
(Shower Together, Tantra Massage, Strip, erotic games and Session).

* 35,000 inr or 500 usd for 6hrs Exclusive Erotic Fun.
(Shower Together, Tantra Massage and fantacies you ask for).

* 50,000 inr or 700 usd for 8hrs Prolonged Stay equal Night.
(Shower Together, Massage, Fantacies, Role Play and Much).

* 70,000 inr or 1000 usd for 12hrs Complete Night full Session.
(Shower Together, Massage and almost all services are available).

Please Note:

* Fee in cash upon meeting.

* Extra Ball / Session is not included here.

* 7,000 inr or 100 usd is for every extra.

* inr, usd, euro, pound accepted.

* I prefer if you Please pay in inr.

* You can follow latest exchange rate and pay.

* There may be some Difference in Currency (Exchange fee is inclusive).